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5 ways the right lighting can elevate your home

Issuing time:2019-08-14 12:29

5 ways the right lighting can elevate your home

When you shop for a new sofa or another piece of furniture, it’s not hard to envision how it might look in your living room. And if you’re considering a new wall color, you can test pretty simply with swatches. But shopping for lighting can be more complicated. It’s easy fall in love with the design of a light fixture or lamp, notes interior designer Maggie Griffin, but how will it illuminate your space? How will it work with the lighting you already have? And which variety of led light will provide the kind of light you need?

ATCOB have a stubborn attitude when designing LED track light and LED down light, everything we want to make it best, so from the raw materials choosing to production process, every step are very strictly at ATCOB, How to make a good light is easy and also difficult, easy step is to choose the guaranteed materials, produce it carefully, then it comes a good LED product, difficult step is how to make sure each materials performs good at different conditions, find a balance between each materials, only by this, the product is real good with stable lifetime said by Mr. Zhu.