"Focus on Commercial Lighting with R&D capability"


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“Focus on Commercial Lighting with R&D capability”

ATCOB established in 2011 at Shenzhen city of China, with principle to produce a real good LED product, so all ATCOBs products are private patent design, until now, ATCOB owns more than 25+ patent design and the number is increasing each year.

All ATCOBs LED lights are with 5+ years real warranty, hence all materials only choose branded materials such as CREE chip, CITIZEN chip, Philips driver, Tridonic driver,Osram driver etc. As a manufacturer, ATCOB know well the incoming materials directly decide the futures life time, so its significant to control well the incoming , choose branded and reliable materials, together with private technology, years experience and those bad experiences learned from past years, now ATCOBs LED products are belong the high quality level at this field, exporting more than 20+ Countries and win a lot of partners and friends all over the worlds.

ATCOBs main market are Europe, Australian, Dubai, American, Canada,etc, so all the products and materials are at least with CE, EMC, RoHS certificated.

Now LED market are very chaos and confusion here, everybody want to earn quick money, many different materials exist at the market. Honestly, now it is a little difficult for many customers to judge well a product or a supplier, even for us, if merely see the appearance, you cant see the difference, it seems good, only after details test and open the light analyse it, we can find the difference and they small tricks, sorry we are not slandering our competitors here, we called it tricks if we found some competitor make the specification good but price very low, which we think definitely will have potential quality problem in shortly future, this is not right rules to do good business and we are not suggest our customer to choose such product either. For example, if a LED track light use Philips driver, but it use a very low quality LEDs, it is easy to happen problem after used 2-3 years, some even 1 year, when happen failure, change cost is very high for final customers, it refers labour cost, traffic cost,etc, and the most important is the companys reputation will be influenced because of this. Good reputation is the key for a companys survival at current big competition times.

ATCOB only offer middle above quality level LED products, no matter how the market change, we only earn what we should earn for a long time business relationship! For example, if customers target price is $30, we will use $25 cost materials and earn $5 (this $5 include ours labour cost, factory rent cost,etc), we wont use $15 cost material and earn customer $15, big profit for LED already gone long time ago, we think it is stupid to do this and this is one time business relationship. ATCOB prefers to do long time business relationship as well as friendship, thats why in the past decade, many partners and customers comments us a partner with “good support, fair price, good quality, can meet special requirements,etc”.

In the future, ATCOB will keep offering the best services and reliable products to each partners and customers!

The company provide employees with
a platform for learning, development
and innovation,creating a team with
family culture, love the job and happy
at working.
All members have a responsible heart
for the customer, for the company,for
the job and for they families.
With the spirit of innovation, we constantly improve and optimize the existing process structure, and constantly develop new
products & technologies.
Practice is the only standard to testify
truth, we learning and upgrade from
practice, offering the best services to
each partners and customers.






We are a team with high efficiency:
The company provide employees with
a platform for learning, development
and innovation,creating a team with
family culture, love the job and happy
at working.
We are a young and energetic team:
our average age is only 30 years old,
full spirit of vitality, motivation and not afraid
of hardship.


We are a dedicated team:
only focus on LED lighting field, and always
concentrate on how to make a real good LED
product no matter how the market change.


We are a team with dreams:
aiming to produce high quality level
safe&reliable LED products which can bring
a comfortable and joyful feeling to people's life.